Music Ministry

We believe that music is the language of heaven and that all of us can participate in making music in some way by singing, or playing an instrument, even by tapping our toes in rhythm.

John Wesley who was the original founder of the Methodist Church, and his brother Charles Wesley were very intentional about music in worship. They saw music as a way to help people learn more about God and about what we believe and to experience the presence of the power of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

In this church we have two people who play for Sunday Worship services. We are grateful for Kelly Schimcek and Denise Drozd who alternate as our accompanists from week to week.

We are also in the process of growing new church musicians by training up new folks who are learning play piano, guitar, drum and to sing. You will hear these musicians performing in worship from time-to-time.

Folks who love to sing or who play instruments are welcomed to provide special music for worship as well.