Committees & Work Teams

Board of Trustees – Marvin Peterson,  Ray Housley AliceVickers, Ronnie Layton, Eric Marak,  & Dawn Jansky

Staff/Parish Relations Committee – Bob Vickers, Nancy Hunter, Kenneth Swope, Mary Ann Defibaugh, Audrey Peterson & Brenda Sitka

Committee on Nominations – Rev. Melanie Monroe, Zelda Walker, Marvin Peterson, Fayrene Clark,  Jean Galloway, Sara Repka & Helen Sadler

Finance Committee – James Smith, Zelda Walker, Kristin Marak,  Nova Layton, Christie Wheelock, Marvin Peterson & Jean Galloway

Audit Committee – Natalie Dupre-church budget account; Marvin Peterson, Kenneth Swope, Ray Housley & Christie Wheelock-other accounts for which they do not have direct responsibility

A/V Operations Team – Eric Marak, Kristin Marak, Dayton Jansky, Dawn Jansky, Tullos family, Vic Dyer, Roger Sitka, Brent Sitka & Blake Sitka

Building & Grounds & Parsonage Committee – Chairperson – Marvin Peterson, Bob Vickers,  Kenneth Swope & Ronnie Layton

Communion Team – Alice and Bob Vickers, Mary Jane & Kenneth Swope

Care Team – Mary Ann Defibaugh, Susan Housley, Nancy Hunter, Jean Carpenter, Marvin Peterson & Mary Jane Swope

Funeral Team – Susan Housley & Mary Jane Swope

Kitchen & Hospitality Team – Coordinated by Methodist Women

LAMB Representatives – Ray Housley, Susan Housley & Melanie Monroe

MYF/VBS Team – Kristin Marak, Dawn Jansky, Brenda Sitka, Sara Repka & Christie Wheelock

Sunday Morning Hospitality Team – Clara Nichols, Mary Jane Swope, Bob Vickers & Alice Vickers

Supplies Coordinator – Nancy Fuhrken, Bob Vickers & Kenneth Swope

Vision and Prayer Team – Mary Ann Defibaugh, Kristin Marak, Melanie Monroe, Susan Housley, Ray Housley & Mary Jane Swope.

Worship Team – Anne Brenton, Vern Brenton, Lori Dyer, Landra Immenhauser, Mary Ann Defibaugh & Mary Jane Swope

United Methodist Church Foundation – Reed Herrington, Heather Lundy, Jean Carpenter, Rev. Melanie Monroe, Jean Galloway, Audrey Peterson & Carla Jones