Administrative Board

Chairperson: Ray Housley
Vice Chairperson: Nancy Furhken
Recording Secretary: Brenda Hull
Lay Leader:  Zelda Walker
Lay Member to Annual Conference: Stephen Hunter
Alternate Lay Members to Annual Conference: Nancy Hunter
Additional Lay Delegate:  Dawn Jansky
Church Treasurer: Jean Galloway
Board of Trustees Chairperson: Marvin Peterson
Finance Committee Chairperson: James Smith
Care and Communications: Mary Ann Defibaugh
FUMC Foundation President: Reed Herrington
MYF Representative: Dawn Jansky
Nominations and Lay Leadership: Melanie Monroe
Worship Committee Chairperson: Melanie Monroe
Senior Pastor: Melanie Monroe
Staff- Parish Relations Committee Chairperson: Bob Vickers
United Methodist Women: Susan Housley
At Large Members: Jean Carpenter, Robert Lundy, Kristin Marak,  Jimmy and Angela Zachary, Wes Blum, Taylor Catto